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Train station

Based on real life. The day I had to go back home after visiting my gf for ten days. She lives an ocean from me.

I knew she had to leave for a while and I also knew that she hated to have to leave. But we wouldn’t be apart for forever. We’d be back again in a while, we knew that as well. And still standing here at the train station both hurt us like nothing else could.

I embraced Clover tightly and said, suppressing the sadness in my voice, because I didn’t want her to cry because she had to leave.

“You’ll be back with me soon, always remember that, all right?”

Clover sobbed, “I know. But I wish I could stay.” She leaned back slightly to look me in the eyes and went on, “You know I don’t want to go, right?”

“Oh Clover, of course I know that you don’t want to leave.” I smiled faintly. “But I know that you have to.”

People around us were hurrying to get to the train that was about to leave in a minute.

“You should go, you can’t miss your train,” I said squishing her tight to me one last time.

Clovers eyes were filled with tears. “I wish you could come with me.” Her hand touched my cheek.

“Clover,” I didn’t know what else to say. She was as sad as I that she had to leave, but we both knew there was no other way. “I love you.” My voice was soft and soothing. I knew she was afraid of losing me, just as much as I was afraid of losing her. I knew what she’d do for me. I always knew. Knew that I’d do the same.

I smiled at her. Smiled and knew she’d instinctively reach up to kiss me. — And she did.

“I love you too.” Her voice was but a muffled whisper in my mouth as her lips gently pressed on mine. For no more but a few seconds I forget that she had to leave. Forget that we wouldn’t see each other for a while that was going to seem like ages. But as I felt her wet tears running down her face and soaking my white shirt I knew: She was crying.

My wrists brushed against her leather jacket as I wrapped my arms around her waist. I didn’t want her to cry.

“Shh, it’s ok. I’ll be back with you in no time, I promise,” I calmed her. My warm breath brushed over her face and I held her tight. For a moment, her tears dried. “We’ll be fine, you’ll see.”

The horn of the train reminded us that it was about to pull out.

“You really should hurry now, you’re gonna miss your train,” I said.

Clover stepped back with sad emerald eyes. “We’ll be back again soon. I’ll write you a lot of letters.” At least she smiled.

I smiled back at her. “And so will I. You know I’m always there for you when you need me.”

“I know. And so am I.”

Clovers hand slipped out of mine as she reached for her travel bag and turned around to head to the train. She kept looking back at me. I waved her until she was in the train, sitting at the window side waving as the train slowly pulled out and picked up speed.

“Goodbye for now,” I whispered quietly, a sad and at the same time grateful smile on my face. Grateful, not for her leaving, but for knowing to have someone so beautiful in my life and to know that we’d be together again soon. I held back my tears. The train was almost around the corner.

“I love you,” I whispered once again. Saw Clover’s lips forming the words to my voice in unison, knew she had spoken them as well. Saw the tears in her eyes and the smile on her face that she was smiling just for me, so I wouldn’t cry. Felt my lips returning it, as the veil of tears grew thicker. The first silver drop shattered to the ground.

The train was around the corner. I knew she hadn’t seen it.


Two voices in the dark.

“Hey, do you know why we’re here?”

“Why do you think we’re here? This place is as dark as death itself!”

“I can see that! Why don’t you just tell me what happened, huh?”

“I can’t! Because I DON’T KNOW! Maybe it’s all a dream… maybe we’re not really here.”

“Well this ain’t a dream. This feels real.”

“I know, but this can’t be real. I mean what happened to them and why are we still here?”

“Maybe we’re not really here…”

A light flickers in the blackness. A pair of blazing green eyes appeared. The black haired girl was holding a lighter close to her face.

“Maybe we did something we shouldn’t have done and this is why we’re stuck here,” she said. Her breath came out as clouds as she spoke.

“No, no. Definitely not. We’re good people.”

“How do you know we’re good?” the black haired asked.

“Well, I just know…”

“You’re wrong! We’re not good people. Good people don’t end up in hellholes like this!”

I turned around, away from her. The light of the lighter was reflected in a mirror wall and I could see part of my face that was lit by the dim flame.

My eyes widened. “We’re echoes! We’re nothing but the reflection of another person. We’re trapped in a mirror!”

The black haired stepped closer to me.

“That’s nonsense,” she said. Then, “What happens if we shattered it into a million pieces. Would we die?”

“What? Are you insane?”

“I might be.”

The lighter clicked and everything went black again.

I heard her chuckle in the dark.

“That’s the end of the line for us. I’m not an echo of someone else and I don’t ever want to be!”

“Don’t!!” I shouted.

The sound of shattering glass tore the room apart. It split into a million pieces. And now… we had to pick up all the shards…

City of Dust

Just something I did while I was bored today xD

I was listening to city of the fallen when this popped up in my head:


City of the fallen - Healing of the nations


Ashleen: Why do you think I brought you here? You needed to see what has become of this place. It lies in ruins. The once beautiful golden buildings are nothing but ash covered silver scraps now. This place is abandoned… No one will live here again, ever. It’s like looking at a memory. I don’t want to bear this.

Lacie: I know what you feel. We’re up here on this hill, looking down on the ruins of what we once called home.

Ashleen: We have stayed much too long I think. This is why it crumbled into nothing. Everything we get to like just disappears like dust in the wind.

Lacie: Yeah, I know. But it makes sense. We are born this way. We were never supposed to have liked anything and now that we’ve learned to, it will just be taken from us.

Ashleen: So now we stand with nothing again. It’s an endless cycle. We get to love, we lose, we have nothing. We’re doomed to wander and take the pain again and again. I don’t understand why this is happening to us. We should be happy.

Lacie: We’re not supposed to. And yes, I know it’s not fair. While all these people have everything they could ever wish for, we walk alone…

Ashleen: How can they not see that their lives are worth so much more than ours? How can they not see that they have everything we ever wanted?

Lacie: It’s just the way they are. They’ll always want more. They’ll always think they’re lacking something. And we… we’re the only ones who know that they’re not. It’s almost like we’re special. We’re different from anyone else.

Ashleen: Yes.

Lacie: What are we gonna do now? Keep moving?

Ashleen: What else is there to do? We need to find another place we can turn to dust.

Lacie: I wonder if it’s right.

Ashleen: If what is right?

Lacie: What we’re doing. We took a thousand lives with us by liking the city. They’re all dead now. They burned in the fire. All of them.

Ashleen: It’s their punishment for not seeing that they had everything…

Lacie: Do you think it’s right?

Ashleen: I don’t. No.

Lacie: Then why are we going again? We could go back. We could try to stay and live in the ruins.

Ashleen: Would you really want that?

Lacie: I don’t know. But maybe, just maybe. This is what we were supposed to do. Live with nothing but each other…

Ashleen: Maybe… you’re right. It won’t hurt to try anyway.


Lacie: The paths… they’re all ash covered too. Why is there so much fallout in this place?

Ashleen: I have no idea why. There’s no one here to tell us now. We’re alone.

Lacie: Let’s lie down on that mattress over there, Ashleen. Right next to the foundation of this multistory building.

Ashleen: Fine. I don’t mind.

Lacie: It’s not as comfortable as what we were used to, but what else is there to complain about? We can be grateful for everything we have. And we still have each other.

Ashleen: And I guess that’s all that counts?

Lacie: Yes. It is.

Ashleen: Lacie?

Lacie: Yes?

Ashleen:  Did I ever tell you that I’m glad to have you?

Lacie: You did. Why?

Ashleen: Because I think, now that we’re lying here on this mattress in midst the ruins of the city we loved and called home… I’ve come to realize that I’ve never told you that… I love you.

Lacie: And with that said… we shall disappear and die.

Ashleen: That’s fine, just tell me…

Lacie: Yes. I love you too.

Ashleen: And so we vanish into dust, like the city we once loved. We’re but a memory.

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